Only Play on Sunday

У многих не получается приходить на фрисби из-за учебы и потому, что рано темнеет. С этой недели, мы играем во фрисби у Стелы только в воскресенье в 3 часа. Игр в среду и пятницу не будет. Спасибо за то, что вы активно играли с нами раньше. Приходите в воскресенье.

Напоминание: в Беларуси будет два алтимат турнира
Информация здесь:В Гродно) (В Минске)


We also play on Sunday

В наши фризби игры на стелле внесено несколько изменений. 1.По средам и пятницам мы будем играть с 18.30 и до темноты.2 Также мы будем играть по воскресеньам с 15.00 и до поздна ,начиная с этой воскресенье. Буду рад видеть всех Вас уже в эту воскресенье в 3 часа! 

Belarusian Nationals!

Sorry that I missed two pickup games due to personal reasons, but I am coming to the game tonight.

Just want to tell you that this weekend is the Belarusian National Ultimate Frisbee Championship. It happens from tomorrow in Minsk. It is your best chance to watch how higher level Ultimate frisbee teams playing.

Here is when and where in Russian:

Чемпионат Беларуси по алтимату пройдет 18 и 19 августа с 10:00 до 18:00 на стадионе «Домостроитель» (ул. Пономаренко, 8).

For more information, please read

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Always Warm Up before Games

Although it was rainy and cold yesterday, we still had two games last night in Stela. Thanks to everyone who came for frisbee games last night.

I have a reminder for everyone who plan to play with us. Please warm up yourself or with a partner before you play. I had a few people told me they had ankle and foot problems because of playing frisbee with us in Stela. Warm up is a very good way to decrease the chance of this kind of injury. If you are not sure how to warm up, search on Youtube “football (soccer) warm up”, I am sure you will find tons of videos show you how. Or you can just warm up with me before the game.

I hope to see you all this Friday!!

P.S John, what have you been busy doing with?  :)))


A New Record for Minsk Ultimate Pickup Game?

Yesterday at the peak time, we had over 40 people came for frisbee, and we organized three games at the same time, and there were still a few people waiting for some playing time.

Big thanks to Strik, Denis and Lesha from X3 to coach the beginners! Strik, I had at least 4 people told me they really loved your explanation about frisbee. You are a great frisbee coach! Come to teach us next time!

Thanks to Pasha for helping translation!

Max, where are you now? You have never misses a game before. Why you disappeared after I appointed you our official translator :))

I apologize if I behaved a little emotional at the beginning of showcase game yesterday. I promise to organize better the games and make sure everyone has some time to play.

At last, thanks to everyone who came last night, and hope to see you all tomorrow at 7!

Two Games at the Same Time?

Believe it or not, last Friday we had almost 40 people came and played ultimate with us in the park near Stela!

We run a mini drill by Stirk who is the current coach of X3. Current captain of X3 Denis, and players Andrei and White also came to played with us, and they were all appointed as captains in the pickup games later. We had to organize two games at the same time, and there were still people waiting on the sideline for their playing time. I didn’t play at all the beginning, because I wanted to make sure everyone has something to do, either play ultimate game in the field, or throw with some partners, or at least has someone to talk to.

Things you should always remember when you play with us:

1. Everyone touches the disc, so this means pass the disc to everyone, not just the good players, but also to beginners, kids and the injured.

2. If you are experienced players, I want you to help the beginners to improve, and be patient with others mistakes, and a lot of encouragement.

3. Protect yourself and others, especially when a boy guards a girl. Always keep this in mind.

Here are some pictures from last Friday! (Courtesy of  Анастасия Карнилович )

Beautiful girls were watching our games

We have a big field for many people to play at the same time.

We even run drills now :))

Two games were playing at the same time :))

Let’s wait and see how many people will come this Wednesday!

We Are Getting Popular!

Yesterday was our 3rd time of practice, we had over 20 people came!

Guess who came last night?

Nina! One of the first ultimate frisbee players in Belarus! Nina tried to teach me Russian and made me think she is a university language professor 🙂

Oleg! The former captain of X3. Oleg helped to coach our new players. Oleg, you should come more. I had a couple of  people told me they learnt a lot from you!

Misha! Even with a badly injured elbow(from bug attack?! I would be much happier if you got it from frisbee layout :))), Misha still made his way to the game, and played like a boss.

Tonya! Tonya made her first ever goal in Ultimate Frisbee Game! Congratulations!

Anna! Anna was off work at 9pm, but still came for some frisbee time. What a true frisbee lover!

I would like to give my thanks for all the people who gave me advice on how to run the game. Here is the decision after consideration of all your advice, in case of many people want to play, we will have max 3 teams, 6 people on the field. The rest people will play собачка to practice your throw, catch, fake and defense. In this game of собачка , everyone can arrive and play, and don’t need to wait for a while for their turn to play ultimate game on the other field.

In order to make teams even, and everyone gets some time to play ultimate game,  I will adjust players for teams from time to time. Thanks for all the advice again and your cooperation.

I Love Cyclists!

Tonight we had our second game in Stela, and we have about 15 people came to play. Interestingly, most of the people who played tonight are actually active cyclists in Minsk. It was a good game because cyclists are usually in good shape and fun loving people. Some of them are very athletic, for example Vadim and Max.

Max came to play tonight again, and showed everybody his progress on learning frisbee. He even caught a frisbee over me! You should know that it is his second time playing ultimate.  He helped me translate when there were players who didn’t speak English. so big thanks to Max!

Natasha and I had the best give and go in tonight’s game, and we will have more chemistry change between each other in the future’s game for sure.

I taught them the importance of pivot at the end of the game, and next time we will work on flick throw.

Here are some pictures from tonight’s game.

Stylish dude Sergey bought one frisbee from me.

In game, John was catching a pull.

Lots of players came by bikes

First Practice Was A Success

Despite the weather was unstable, rainy and windy, that didn’t stop our love for ultimate frisbee. We still had about twenty people showed up in our first game. Most people seem have a great time!

I want to thank everyone who came tonight. Tonya, Angelika, Ira, Anna, Nikita, Vlad, Dasha, Natasha, Artem, Yura and Maxim. Correct me if I got your name wrong or miss anyone. And Ira, you were the MVP tonight!

Special thanks for John to help us with the discs and cones. Misha for spreading the words. Vika from Sixth Sun for coaching and great patience!

We have pretty girl play with us!

We also have handsome boy play with us!

Here is the picture in the end of our game. Request from people to ask me layout!

Hope to see you all next time!

Минские Открытые Игры по Алтимат Фрисби

Алтимат Фрисби – это величайший спорт, когда-либо придуманный человечеством!

Без диска нет жизни!

Диск никогда не обманет!

Существует много важных высказываний об алтимат фрисби, и пусть пока это еще не самый популярный спорт, но за последние 10 лет фрисби стало на столько популярнее, что сейчас это наиболее быстро развивающийся командный вид спорта в мире.

Сейчас у вас есть возможность обучиться этому спорту в Минске абсолютно бесплатно. Учить вас будут опытные игроки Алтимат Фрисби международного уровня: Иван Шу из Китая и Джон Росмэн из Америки. Иван играл в составе лучшей китайской команды CUUP в чемпионате азии по Алтимат Фрисби и в чемпионате мира. В настоящее время Иван играет в составе белорусской команды X3( Джон начал играть в Алтимат в Йельском университете, где Алтимат Фрисби был изобретен. За плечами Джон десятилетия игры в Алтимат по всему миру. Так же он бегло говорит по-русски. Язык обучения будет английский и русский.

Иван (справа) в Национальном Китайском чемпионате по Алтимат Фрисби 2012

Цель нашей группы:

Популяризация этого прекрасного вида спорта в Минске. Игра Алтимат дает людям возможность хорошо проводить время и найти новых друзей. Не важно, сколько вам лет, какого вы возраста, высокий вы или низкий, мы будем рады играть во фрисби с вами.

Место проведения игр:

Парк возле Стелы

Время игры:

Каждая среда и пятница 19.00 – 22.00. Начиная с этой среды (27е июня)
Что такое Алтимат Фрисби:

Пожалуйста посмотрите эти два видео перед тем как вы придете играть с нами, если вы никогда раньше не играли во фрисби.

Знакомство с Алтимат Фрисби:

Алтимат Фрисби лучшее:
Алтимат Фрисби в Беларуси:

Больше информации о фрисби в Беларуси вы можете найти на сайте:

Советы для опытных игроков:

В этой группе большинство игроков будут начинающими, поэтому, пожалуйста, будьте терпеливыми и помогите им научится основам. Удостоверьтесь, что у всех есть возможность бросить/словить фрисби, и тем самым учавствовать в игре, и, пожалуйста, не ДОМИНИРУЙТЕ в игре.

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